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HealthVault PowerShell


Is Software on Device Application (SODA)

It is a client application developed in .NET Technology, connects to HealthVault and fetches the personal health information of the HealthVault user.  Our client application runs from the PowerShell.

This client application connects to HealthVault using Master Application Identifier. This master identifier is nothing but the application we are creating from Every application is created based upon the HealthVault account. So you should be having a HealthVault account. And this account can be created either with the help of Facebook, Windows Live or Open Id.


Software on Device Authentication


Software on Device Authentication (SODA) applications are client applications that run on a desktop or mobile device.  Every time a user installs a SODA application, the user must authorize that installation of the application to access their HealthVault record.  For instance, if the user is running the same application on both their laptop and desktop, they will need to authorize both installations to access their HealthVault record.

SODA applications are offline applications, and the user is sent to HealthVault only once to authorize the application instance.  After the user has authorized the application instance, they then return to the application.  There are a few different ways to return the user to the application, depending upon the desired experience.


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