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HealthVaul Powershell (HealthVaultPowerShell)

HealthVaultPowerShell is a powershell module which enables a user to interact with HealthVault using powershell.


Installing the module


Please note: This powershell module work with Powershell 2.0. Powershell 2.0 is installed by default on Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 and up.

1. Copy the HealthVaultPowerShell dll into a New Folder and copy the same folder to your WindowsPowershell\Modules directory2. Start your powershell and import the module3.

cd "<HealthVaultPowerSellDllFolderPath>"PS C:\ranjan\HealthVaultPowerSell> import-module HealthVaultPowerShell

Getting Started


One you have the powershell module load you need to give access to HealthVault.

This is a one time only thing and the module remember's your selection

-PS C:\ranjan\HealthVaultPowerSell> Grant-Access
Follow the sign up process in your browswer and upon successful completion you can use powershell natively!


First the user has to grant access to HealthVault , then she/he can fetch his personal health information.

The grant access will popup a screen , takes you to HealthVault page for authentication. Provide credentials , and when provide access to our HealthVaultPowerShell application.


Available Functionality

Currently this module support the following HealthVault commands.

* Grant-Access

* Get-Things

* Add-Things

* Get-Personinfo

* Get-PersonImage <filepath>

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